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Why ITIL Is So Popular?

By Samatha D'souza Last Updated on Jun 10, 2021

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification is a globally accepted certificate bearing promising results for its seekers. Created for IT Service Industry, the course deals with improved knowledge of frameworks that can help distribute better results and methods that are accepted industry-wide. These courses establish the important stages of the service lifecycle that have proved time and again to benefit organizations that have ITIL certified professionals and individuals who opt for the course. The five top reasons why ITIL course has gained popularity among the likes of professionals and organizations are–ITIL helps strongly align IT with the business improves service delivery

  • which enhances customer satisfaction.
  • utilize resources better
  • reduces the cost increasing visibility of assets

Job Opportunities

An ITIL certified professional does gather more attention from a recruiter which a non-certified candidate could miss. The certificate designates to the recruiter that you are keen on a role in the IT Service Industry and aware of career track it proposals. Moreover, for some roles, this certificate gets the job seeker on to a preferred candidate list. Some job descriptions furthermore, exactly expect certification as part of their job requirements. So the admiration stems from the fact that having the certificate opens doors to more jobs and the higher payment that comes with it.

Organization Profit

Large Organizations have realized the profits of certifying their resources with ITIL certification and using the ITIL framework for their delivery procedures. Processes laid down by ITIL produce better service quality delivered with lesser determination, time and money capitalized. Organizations can select which aspects of the framework profit them the most and leave out the enduring which also makes it an extensively used framework.

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Global Acceptance

Owing to the global taking of ITIL, a professional with this certificate is likely to be recognized in any IT Service Industry diagonally the world. Also, since a lot of companies use the ITIL framework, their chances of willing to recruit an ITIL certified candidate would be advanced any day. It’s a win-win for both, as the organization saves on training a new hire on the ITIL framework, and the candidate gets a good role and growth opportunities with the organization.

Enhanced Skills

An ITIL certified professional feeds the framework as an enabler to achieve and drive better results by committing to the process. This learned methodology and its sub learnings help the professionals deliver results which are aligned to the skill-set contributing to self-growth. Such employees do better, become an asset to the organization and can chart the career ranking in the IT service industry. Also, as all professionals in a team have an understanding of the framework and common terminologies, they can speak the same words and there is less margin of miscommunication among the team and with clients.

Establishes robust processes:

ITIL is not just meant for large organizations, it can be applied to even the smallest SMB’s to derive maximum value from their services accessible. Successful organizations like Walt Disney, IRS, NASA, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Bank of America, British Airways, US Army and more have implemented ITIL and have established robust processes upon which they can fine adjust their IT operations to provide maximum value from their individual IT departments which helps to decrease costs and achieve far better ROI.

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Career Growth

ITIL opens the gateway to several career paths such as service strategy and design, service transition, service operations, and project management. So people seeing for experience across various frameworks of the Information Technology industry can profit because the certificate makes them qualified for such roles. It is also recommended for professionals like IT Managers, analysts, project manager, business analysts, and consultants. The course gives a good big picture of how the IT Services are delivered and so all professionals can benefit from it.

Hence ITIL aspirants are typically people looking for a career in Information Service Industry or hikes because it permits them to be worldwide accepted. Additionally, aspirants seeking to work with other ITIL frameworks also benefit because organizations look for candidates with the certificate and experience in the ITIL approach.