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Guiding Principles for ITIL Practitioners

By Shantanu Kumar Last Updated on Mar 30, 2021

The ITIL Practitioner is the latest qualification included to the ITIL service lifecycle. The ITIL Practitioner certification is based upon the knowledge gained during ITIL Foundation level and offers you with the ability to recognize and deliver service improvements using a practical approach to adapting and adopting the ITIL framework. Below are the nine guiding principles of ITIL Practitioner:

Design for Experience: Services and processes should be designed and defined from the outset to develop a satisfying experience for the end user or customer.

Focus on the Value: In IT Service Management (ITSM), everything and anything should be designed to deliver the value to customers and the customer chooses what is valuable to them.

Start where you are: You don’t need to start from the scratch. Always try and consider first what can be achieved from what you already have.

Work Holistically: No component or service can stand alone. Services are complicated systems that have to be designed, deployed, considered, improved and managed with an awareness of the whole.

Progress Iteratively: Many of us want to do multiple things in one go, but you should resist yourself from the temptation of doing everything in one go. Divide the work into small, manageable tasks that deliver something useful and keep going. Combining all small efforts into one can create a great change.

Observe Directly: Make decision depending on the information that is true and keep checking the source of the activity at regular intervals and observe it directly.

Be Transparent: Be honest and clear about the facts. Be aware of what is happening and the source from where those rumors are arriving. Speak from a position of knowledge.

Keep it Simple: Always do what is required to deliver the desired outcomes and try to eliminate that which is extravagant.

Collaborate: Work with your subordinates creatively towards a desired goal. Combined effort will create commitment, resulting benefit from different perspectives.

At Pan Learn, we offer the ITIL Practitioner training gives the understanding of the tools and techniques. The 2days training will help you to implement ITIL methodologies more effectively in your organization.