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Importance of ITIL Certification for Professionals

By Shantanu Kumar Last Updated on Mar 30, 2021

ITIL certification is a globally accepted credential that brings promising results to individual’s careers. Specially designed for IT Service Industry, the certification gives advanced knowledge of frameworks that help deliver improved results and approaches. The ITIL certification gets you a lot of benefits; here are some of the reasons why you should go for ITIL:

Better Job Opportunities

An ITIL certified professional grab attention of employers over non-certified candidates. The certification indicates that you are very well aware about the trends and standards of IT Service Industry. Many recruiters who prefer ITIL certified candidates for specific roles and mention the same in the job descriptions. From the proven fact, we can say that having certification opens doors of more job opportunities.

Organization Benefit

Many large scale organizations have understood the importance of utilizing the ITIL framework to their delivery processes and prefer to hire certified candidate or get their employees ITIL certified. Processes defined by ITIL give better quality service delivered with minimum efforts, time and investment.

Globally Recognized

ITIL certification is one of the recognized certifications all over the world. An individual with this certificate is likely to be acknowledged in any IT Service Industry. As many organizations follow the ITIL framework, the chances of recruiting an ITIL certified candidate would be higher, as it saves the cost of organization to certify their employees.

Updated Skills

With the ITIL certification, a professional learns to utilize a framework to drive better result and achieve business objectives. This learned methodology assists professionals to bring results and develop a skill-set for self-growth. Hence, the certified employees are considered as an asset to the company and are capable to be successful in the IT service industry.

Career Growth

ITIL certification opens the doors to several career paths for an individual, including project management, service operation, service transition, service strategy and design and a lot more. So people seeking for experience across different frameworks of the IT industry can take the advantage of this certification as it makes them eligible for such roles. This course is suitable for all levels of professionals in the Information Technology industry, including IT Managers, business analysts and consultants. This certification course gives a clear picture of how IT Services works.

The ITIL certification helps people to explore better career opportunities and give them a chance to get handsome hike in the salary. Moreover, aspirants looking to work with ITIL frameworks also get benefits as recruiters look for individuals with the certifications and experience in the ITIL approach.