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Common areas of improvement for Project Managers

By Sara Patoff Last Updated on Jun 28, 2021
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  • Posted By Sara Patoff
  • Categories Project Management

In this article we will describe common areas of improvement for Project Managers which includes time management and many other ways to increase work performance & productivity of a Project Manager:

Relationship management: Maintain good relationships with your subordinates and colleagues. Always try to be socially engaged with them. Good relations with colleagues always motivate them to work for you. Some chit- chat at tea time with colleagues and subordinates will useful for you releasing your work pressure too.

Communication: Good and proper communication useful to you describe your views and opinions effectually. Communication does not mean only verbal communication. You’re your body language and expressions also communicate a lot. Maintain good communication skills by active “Walk the Talk”.

Upgrade your skills: In today’s time, you have to regularly work upon updating your skillset. There is no defined age of learning. Categorize your weaknesses and get yourself trained on those. In today’s world, there are a number of training and learning platforms for working professionals, like virtual chat rooms, online training programs, learning through video conferencing, weekend training courses to help them get prepared with new skills or upgrade their existing skills.

Share your experiences: Always share your bad or good experiences with your colleagues. This will useful for them to organize themselves for similar situations in the future.  This will also useful for you to refresh the learning from your past experience.

Time management in the workplace:

you have to identify where the time is going. Try thoroughly logging your time for a week by tracking your daily work. This audit will useful for you a) conclude how much you can practically accomplish in a day, b) recognize time sucks, and c) focus on the task that provide the greatest outputs. As you use this time audit, it will be pretty clear how much of your time is spent on uncreative activities, conversations, and thoughts.

You will gain a more actual sense for how long certain types of activities take you (which will be very useful for executing on a later). This practice can also help you calculate the time of day when you are most productive—so, you identify when to work on your projects requiring the most concentration and creativity. 

Now you realize how to be a good time manager. Good time management is a talent – The more you exercise it, the more you master it. Work will be fun if you have good time management skills. Good time management skills make you prepared and trustworthy.

Takeaways: Always remember, below steps to improve time management:

1. Set your daily objectives and prepare plans to achieve them, at the start of every day

2. Keep good time management skills to achieve your target as scheduled

3. Practice the guidelines for good time management at your work

4. Reward yourself after accomplishing your targets

Also, we have well-read about these three ways to upgrade work performance in the workplace:

• Good time management

• Maintain cordial relationship with colleagues and subordinates

• Keep upgrading your skills

In short, to be a good manager at your workplace, exercise good time management abilities day-in-day-out.  I hope, this article was useful. It should help you understand – what are good time management skills and their examples and how to upgrade time management.

Please be confident to advance time management and improve management skills and start a journey to victory in your personal as well as professional life with the advantages of good time management abilities.