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Campus to Corporate Training

Our Campus to Corporate Training will help you to make a smooth transitioning from a College to the Corporate life. This training will help the participants to enhance their confidence levels, by refining their personal and professional competence

  • 5 hrs training
  • Lifetime access to quality e-learning
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Industry Case Study
  • Real Life Examples
  • Learn at your own pace
    Campus to Corporate Training

    Campus to Corporate Training Course Overview

    Our Campus to Corporate Training will enhance the confidence of participants and make them job ready. In this course we cover personal and professional development, business communication, business etiquettes etc.


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    Corporate Training

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    Self Learning Material

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    • Self-managed Learning
    • 180 days of access
    • Content structured by industry specialists

    Who should attend our Campus to Corporate Training?

    • Freshers
    • Students
    • Everyone who wants to groom their personalities
    • Young Managers
    • Professionals
    • Business Entrepreneurs

    Campus to Corporate Course Curriculum

    4:2 Body Language

    4:3 Physical Appearance

    4:4 Grooming and Personal Hygiene

    4:5 Quiz

    4:0 Greetings, Introductions (Handshake)

    4:1 Developing Your Professional and Personal Image

    6:4 Ways to be a positive person

    6:5 Avoiding bad conversational habit

    6:6 Quiz

    6:0 Starting and sustaining conversations that are engaging

    6:1 Handling conversations with the opposite sex

    6:2 Acknowledging differences

    6:3 Giving and receiving compliments

    7:4 Analyzing Your Time Log

    7:5 Focusing on the critical 20 percent

    7:6 Quiz

    7:0 80:20 Rule or Pareto Principle of Time Management

    7:1 Learning to recognize and then focus on the 20 percent that is the key to making the most effective use of your time.

    7:2 Ways to Manage Time and Priorities

    7:3 Activity Logs

    8:0 Having a clear objective

    8:1 Highlighting critical points

    8:2 Being clear and concise

    8:3 Understanding the audience

    8:4 Quiz

    What you Learn?

    Effective Communication

    Enhanced communication skills


    Understand the requirements for Campus to Corporate transition

    Behavioral Skills

    Learn behavioral skills required in the corporate environment

    Business Etiquettes

    Gain understanding of business etiquettes

    Time Management

    Learn to manage time & maximize personal effectiveness

    Team Work

    Helping participants to develop team work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our courses are designed to be flexible and affordable, so you can learn how you choose. You can begin the course from the moment you enroll. Get instant access to all the lectures, videos and materials and train for certification at your own pace.
    For however long you need it, you can choose to keep a lifetime access.
    All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 10 to 12 years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process, which includes the technical evaluation, profile screening, & a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We have also ensured that only those trainers with a high alumni rating continue to train for us.



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